Warrior Beat Video Courses Monthly Subscription

$16.00 / month

Warrior Beat’s Video Instructional Series Subscription

Subscribing to Warrior Beat’s video course series dose two things.

  1. It unlocks access to all of the videos that will help you master your craft and become a better drummer and facilitator.
  2. It supports the Warrior Beat charity which allows us to offer drum-based art therapy free-of-charge to US Military Veterans.

Included in this subscription is our 26 video lesson, Introduction to Hand Drumming. Our upcoming Introduction to Facilitating Drum Circles lesson series will be added within the next month.

These courses will teach you the fundamentals of leading a therapeutic drum circle and how to play various instruments. These courses were designed for users looking for beginner and intermediate instruction.

Watch a Sample from the “Introduction to Hand Drumming” video series below!



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