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Please support Warrior Beat in our mission to bring Drum-based art therapy to US Military Veterans suffering from PTSD, Depression, Stress, Anxiety, as well as other mental and physical challenges. Warrior Beat’s ultimate goal is to provide healing, well-being, reintegration, and fellowship for military veterans through professionally facilitated group drumming.

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Introduction to Hand Drumming by Warrior Beat

But wait, there’s more! You can also support Warrior Beat by subscribing to our Hand-Drumming course. The money spent on these subscriptions directly supports our mission and, in return, you get access to some amazing Hand-Drumming lessons taught by Sgt. 1st Class Retired, Mike Reyes!

You can subscribe two ways: Monthly or Yearly!

What Happens When I Donate?

How Does Drum-Based Art Therapy Work?

It’s important to us that you believe in our mission as much as we do. We all know that when you are drumming, you feel better – that’s not up for debate. What you may not know, however, is that there is trove of objective, scientific evidence that helps define the why and how drum-based art therapies work. 

We’ve put together a quick-read page to help you discover the scientific benefits and we encourage you to independently explore the subject as well – we know you’ll be excited by what you find.

How Drumming Helps

Warrior Beat has been proudly supported by:

Akron Community Foundation
American Legion Post 221
Arts in Stark
Blue Star Mothers
CommQuest Services
Harold Ziegler
New Works City Foundation
SAM Center
Sisters of Charity
United Way
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