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Is Warrior Beat's Drumming Program Available Through My V.A.?

“Is Warrior Beat Available in my area?”, is by far the most common question that we hear. 

Right now, Warrior Beat is available throughout most of Ohio with facilitators being trained in the Pacific Northwest over the next few months.  Warrior Beat is a small organization with big plans, but our compact size means we are not able to spread out as fast as we would like.

If you are a veteran or a health care provider within the VA system the best thing you can do to get Warrior Beat in your area is to get in direct contact with your doctors or administrators and ask specifically for our program.

They can contact us through our contact page. We respond to each VA that reaches out to us and work with them to craft a program that benefits their patients. 

Thank you for your interest and check back as new VAs are added to our roster!

~ Warrior Beat Team