Drumming has a positive effect on everyone’s well-being

Drumming focuses attention and entrains brainwave activity leading to the alleviation of severe anxiety, depression and other symptoms associated with PTSD and substance abuse recovery.  In addition to the positive psychological effects, drumming can also help control chronic pain as well as boost immune systems.

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44% of returning Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom veterans reported readjustment difficulties.

Problems that affect the afflicted, and their loved ones

Post traumatic Stress Disorder, or PTSD, is a psychiatric disorder that may occur after experiencing or witnessing a dire, or life-threatening event. This disorder has a high rate of occurrence for those in the military due to its nature of service and dealing with the events of war, other operational deployments, and associated training therein. While many sufferers may return to regular life after a period of time, some may be unable to completely overcome PTSD, and still others may find that their symptoms worsen. This can result in a life filled with depression, anxiety, substance abuse, and estrangement from family, friends and the outside world as a whole. 

 Symptoms of PTSD include reliving the trauma, being unable to escape bad memories, isolation, irritability, always feeling on guard, emotional numbness, and unfocused anger.
31% of Vietnam Veterans suffer from PTSD
20% of Afghan and Iraq war veterans suffer from PTSD
39% of Afghan and Iraq war veterans deal with substance abuse issues.

85.9 Million

The amount spent treating recent veterans with PTSD during their first year of diagnosis.


Afghanistan veterans diagnosed with PTSD in 2013.


The percentage of Americans with PTSD who ever seek treatment.

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