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Warrior Beat Family Reintegration Drum Group

Who: Military veterans and their family members

Date/Time: Thursday evenings, June 13th-August 29th, 6:30-8p.m.

Location: Warrior Beat Rhythm and Wellness Center, 318 Cherry Ave NE, Canton 44702

Benefits of group drumming for psychological issues such as PTSD.
Studies have shown that drumming in a group setting provides a wide range of psychological benefits. A Univerisity of Oxford study discovered that when a group of drummers play together, all participants benefited from increases in both their happiness and pain tolerance levels2. The study also concluded that drumming was essential for community-building and instilling behaviors required for the evolution of human society.

Drumming and Physical Benefits
Just as drumming has shown to help with psychological issues, it has also been shown to help with physical issues as well. Drumming has obvious benefits in physical rehabilitation, helping those who have suffered from injury rebuild muscle strength under some situations. Studies show that drumming also helps boost the body’s immune system.

Drumming is a great way for veterans to bond with their children, spouse and family. Often times after an extended deployment, it is difficult to reestablish the bond with family members. Group drumming offers a way for veterans to connect with family creatively in a fun, safe environment.[/vc_column_text]